MOA is hosting an Organic Showcase and Networking Dinner as part of Organic Week. Saturday, Spetember 26th, 6:00 PM Cocktails, 7:00 Dinner. The dinner is at the high end Jane's Restaurant associated with the Red River Culinary School. The speaker will be Terry Tyson, chair of the Prairie Organic Development Fund and Procurement Manager for Grain Millers.  He will be speaking on Developing New Sector Initiatives to Pace Surging Demand. Some dinner tickets are still available and there is opportunity for advertizing. Contact Ken Sabatier ksabatier@pgfi.ca  204-956-2090 ext.378

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Celebrate Organics September 19-27!

Join us September 19-27, when people from around Manitoba and all across the country get together to celebrate National Organic Week. It's a week filled with festivities, fun, and wonderful organic food -- all to raise awareness of certified organic farming and food production and it's many benefits for our environment and our health.

Check out our special page detailing Organinc Week activities in Manitoba.


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The Organic Food Council of Manitoba and the Manitoba Organic Alliance work to grow the organic sector, gathering the vision and the resources to increase awareness, production and availability of organic food in Manitoba and beyond.

OFCM focuses on education about organics, connecting eaters with farmers, building public knowledge and encouraging a transition to organics. Learn all about OFCM here.

MOA is a collaboration of organic stakeholders - from researchers to farmers, processors to consumers, and all those in between. Members support project to grow organics, discuss issues and vote on actions to be taken to provincial and federal regulators. Learn all about MOA here.

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The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is a new venture spearheaded by Organic Alberta, however it includes all three prairie provinces. The federal government has agreed to contribute $1.2 million under the Western Diversification Program (WDP) to a $2.2 million, 4 year program targeted at achieving growth, resiliency and stability in the prairie organic sector. The initiative will focus on increasing both the quantity and quality of organic field crops while building stronger market relationships. More about POGI here.

The first update from POGI is now available here.

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security is offering up to $6,000 to organizations and individuals who share the values and goals of the initiative.The Initiative focuses on ecological vegetable seed and field crops that are important for food security, can be viably grown in Canada, and have commercial potential. It is particularly interested in supporting collaborative projects to scale up and build resilient regional seed systems. Application deadline November 15, 2015. More information here.

COGThe Organic Master Gardener Course is being offered in Toronto and Ottawa again this fall. This intense, challenging, and inspiring course lays the foundation for making decisions on growing plants for ornamental or food purposes based on SOUL (Society for Organic Urban Land Care) organic standards, recognized by COG. The Organic Master Gardner course is designed for urban growers, community gardeners, landscapers, municipal parks personnel, environmental advocates, naturalists and conservationists. More information at the COG website.

PrairieOrganicsThinkWholeFarmThe Pairie Organic Grain Initiative and the University of Manitoba is planning a two day organic production conference for February 2016. Details are coming together. At this stage there is a call for sponsorers. Potential sponsorers should click here.

COG logoAre you ready to take your organic growing skills to the next level? Check out the Practical Skills Handbooks series available through Canadian Organic Growers. Choose from a range of titles, including Crop Planning for Vegetable Growers, Organic Livestock Handbook and Growing Strawberries Organically. You can also save up to 37% on printed guides when you purchase an e-book version. http://cog-shop.myshopify.com/

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