One of the things that we're incredibly proud of is our history of educating people like you about local, organic food. Our next favourite thing is to connect you with the resources and communities who can help you act on your new (or renewed) interests in sustainable growing and eating.

So now that we've shared why we're passionate about organic food, it's your turn. What are you passionate about? What kind of food system do you imagine? (You didn't expect us to do all the work did you? We're a non-profit after all, and while we're quite skilled at accomplishing a lot with minimal resources, we could use some help).

One of the things we've learned, especially when you're volunteering or making relatively little money, is to do what you love. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the food problems in your community or province or country, why not start with your food passion?



Find Your Food Passion

Somewhere along the line, your passion for changing our food system got lost in a bowl of cynical reality that left you feeling anxious and depressed. If you're having trouble remembering a moment when your interest in good food led you to do something about it, we're here to inspire you with some of the things that we get excited about.

Our top recommendations will help you get in touch with the part of you that still believes a better food system is possible. [Insert your favourite motivational quote here.] If your passion is still growing once you've accomplished one of these tasks, come back and pick another one. We don't want you to lose your momentum by trying to do everything at once!



  • Find organic food in your area by searching our Down To Earth guide to organics in Manitoba.



  • Learn about organic growing by living on a farm with WWOOF Canada.




  • Become a member of the Manitoba Eco-Network, or another organization working towards sustainability in your community.







  • Use your photography or video skills to give your favourite food organization a professional look.



This list refers you to our partners in the non-profit food world, people that we think you should know about because they share our values for local, organic, and/or sustainable food.


Background Info about Farmers for Climate Solutions Feb 6 2020

Farmers for Climate Solutions is is calling for major changes that could transform their industry from a major polluter to a solution in the fight against climate change. It's possible, experts say, but it likely won't be easy. Check out this CBC newstory. How Canadian farmers can go from climate change polluters to a key part of the solution