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When compared with conventional food, organic food has higher nutrient levels and less pesticide and chemical residues.  Free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives, certified organic food is not irradiated, nor does it contain genetically modified components (GMO’s).  Let’s look at why organic food is a healthier option for our children.  Children and infants are particularly vulnerable to pesticides as they consume more food per kilogram of body mass than adults.  Their developing nervous systems absorb substances faster and they have more difficulty eliminating these substances. 


One of the ways children are exposed to agricultural chemicals is through the food they eat.  A number of recent studies have indicated that an organic diet can help to reduce children’s exposure to pesticides.  One study concluded that eating organic produce is a relatively simple means for parents to reduce their children’s pesticide exposure. Furthermore, a review of 400 nutritional research studies has shown that organic foods have more minerals, vitamins and higher levels of cancer fighting anti-oxidants.


Dr. Warren Bell, family physician and past founding president of CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) in Salmon Arm British Columbia summarized the benefits of organic food for children in the following way:


“Organic food benefits children in two crucial ways. First, it spares them the burden of exposure to pesticides, hormones and a host of other actually or potentially harmful substances. Second, organic foods are generally richer in "defense" compounds, like anti-oxidants and salvestrols, which aid a child's immune system. In both the short and the long term, therefore, children's health benefits from organic foods."

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Market Research



We thank the Canadian Wheat Board for the financial support they have provided to do market research in the area of local organic crackers. Our study surveyed marketing and distribution of local organic crackers.  


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